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About John McCauley
  John McCauley has been helping people in California start, protect, acquire, grow and sell their small and midsized businesses for over 30 years.   He has worked with companies in manufacturing, retail, service, high tech and distribution.   He is listed in San Diego Magazine's 2013 and 2014 "Top Lawyers in San Diego".

John often serves as general legal counsel to businesses.   He also has extensive experience serving on the board of directors of corporations.   He thinks like an entrepreneur and understands the importance of developing healthy long term relationships with investors, partners, lenders, customers, suppliers, employees, licensee/licensors, professional advisors and competitors.   John also understands the opportunities and challenges that businesses face in a global and electronic world.

For over 12 years, John helped companies as a lawyer with an established large southern California law firm.   In 1996, he went into business for himself; and has delivered effective, high quality service for a very low cost.   An experienced lawyer in a large firm will charge your business significantly higher fees than John, for providing the same services; whether it is tax advice or helping complete a transaction.

John can do this because he bills only for work that is important to your company.   Furthermore, costs are managed through aggressive, but effective use of technology and other lean overhead practices.   These cost savings are passed on to you!

John received his law degree in 1975 from Creighton School of Law, in Omaha, Nebraska and advanced law degree in taxation from Pacific McGeorge School of Law, in Sacramento, California.

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